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Our mission is to create profitable marketing strategies for our clients by bringing awareness to consumers. Our campaign packages establish brand recognition which ultimately drives business to your establishment. Face 2 Face Marketing wants you to prosper; therefore, it is our primary goal to be consistent, loyal, and knowledgeable with your service and marketing solutions. We provide you with quality options to grow your business. 

                                      SOCIAL MARKETING: 

According to marketting professionals, the average American is bombarded by over 3000 advertisements daily. As a result of this bobardment, studies have shown a decrease in effectiveness of traditional advertisement such as newspapers, radio, and television.  

Face 2 Face Marketing is able to combate the issue of ineffective traditional marketing strategies by means of social marketing. Social Marketing has evolved from a one-dimensional reliance on announcements to a more sophisticated approach which draws from successful techniques used by commercial marketers. Rather than dictating the way that information is conveyed from a top-down approach, Face 2 Face Marketing learned to listen to the needs and desires of its target audience thus customizing an unique advertising campaign specific to the clients needs. This focus on the "client" involves in-depth research and constant re-evaluation of every aspect of the program. In fact, research and evaluation together form the very cornerstone of the Social Marketing process.

What Face 2 Face Will Do For You

•  Takes an innovative approach to marketing which combines the newest technologies with the best of traditional methods.

•  Brings immediate awareness and knowledge of your product to potential consumers with specific campaign packages that entice and expand your cliental.

•  Bridges the gap between businesses and consumers via face to face encounters with trained professionals who are educated about your product.

Face 2 Face Marketing offers a multifaceted marketing approach to suit the individual needs of our clients. We target your specific audience, distribute a clear and consistent marketing message, and create public exposure and buzz.

Our method entails various ways of marketing by personally promoting your business. Most visible is a kiosk personalized with your company’s message.

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Face 2 Face Marketing, LLC is taking the time to create an attractive new website to accomodate new buisness advertisement and marketing. For information on new marketing services available contact Carlos Ors 303.619.6186 CarlosOrs@Face2FaceMarketingLLC.com, RayBryant Administrator Corridnator 903.269.6663 RayBryant@Face2FaceMarketingLLC.com, Kim Kaiser Sales Manager 303.507.0495 KimKaiser@Face2FaceMarketingLLC.com Face 2 Face Marketing Office 303.619.6186